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The boom in Millennial Astrology (for people born 1990 to 1995) means horoscopes are now known factors for anyone aged around 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

If you would like to learn Natal Astrology or Astrology and Tarot with Jessica Adams, these courses are now available on Sun Sign School. You must complete a course at The Sun Sign School to go on to study Sun Sign Astrology 2020, Natal Astrology or Astrology and Tarot.

These three six-month courses begin on January 1st 2020 and again on August 1st 2020. These online classes involve full-time, professional astrologers as well as academics and authors in the field of astrology and Tarot.

You will be trained to professional standard by Jessica Adams, who will be hiring graduates who are interested in a part-time career in astrology and/or Tarot in 2021.

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The US $100 first-stop course, at The Sun Sign School includes expert guidance from experienced media astrologers Jessica Adams, Natalie Delahaye, Barbara Dunn, Bernard Fitzwalter, Debbie Frank, Maggie Hyde, Stephanie Johnson, Joanne Madeline Moore and Penny Thornton. In 2020 Neil Spencer (The Observer, True as the Stars Above) will also join as a podcast tutor.

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